We have been extremely excited to share this coffee; it is checking all the boxes for us when it comes to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Samuel and Paula Roldan are meticulous when it comes producing coffees, making sure every detail has been researched fully and executed perfectly.

Santa Elena started as a family project in 2006 and since then it has managed to impact the area with it’s innovative practices and knowledge sharing. They work closely with the University of Antioquia to advance coffee research and spread knowledge to the new generation of coffee producers in Colombia. Samuel has invented many processes, one of which includes a system that uses the heat produced by fermenting the left-over cascara to regulate heat in their solar driers. He then developed phone applications with the students from the University to regulate the incoming heat. Thus, recycling waste to create energy and perfectly controlling drying conditions.

The flavor profile blew us away upon first cupping this coffee and it has only since gotten better as the notes develop.  We are getting big notes of blueberries, mature pineapple, cherry, and agave.

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Altitude:        1,650 MSL

Process:         Natural

Varietal:         Caturra

Taste:             Blueberry – Pineapple – Cherry

Farmer:          Samuel Roldan

Farm:             Santa Elena

Region:          Antioquia

Country:        Colombia

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