The producer of this coffee André  is not only a farmer, he is a green buyer, Q-grader, and a Cup of Excellence judge in Brazil. André owns a small-scale farm with his wife Lilian, where they produce small lots of high-quality specialty Brazilian coffee. This specific lot we bought from André stood out on the cupping table when Jeff and Julia where in Brazil last year. Right away, they tasted blueberries and tropical fruits and knew they wanted to bring this lot to be roasted at our shop in the US. This is the first non-Peixoto Brazil we bring to the US, showcasing the potential for us to open doors for other farmers in our region in Brazil to sell high-scoring specialty coffees directly to the US market.
This lot of red Catuaí 99 was harvested manually, cherries were piled and covered for dry fermentation for 36 hours, then spread thinly and rotated frequently until dry under the sun. We are tasting black cherry, papaya, complex wine notes, and caramelized sugars.

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Farmer:          Andre Aguila

Farm:             Fazenda Aterrdinho

Region:          Sul de Minas

Country:         Brazil

Altitude:         1250 MSL

Process:          Natural

Varietal:          Red Catuai

Taste:              Papaya – Red Wine – Caramel

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