Fresh crop Kenyans have landed and are tasting incredible.  We cupped many unique and beautiful lots this year and while all were great, this was an absolute standout for us.  This coffee comes from the Akusi co-op in the Nakuru region of Kenya which has approximately 600 members.  The members of this co-op selectively hand pick their cherries and deliver them to the wet mill the same day it’s harvested.  After going through the wet-milling process it is dried in the sun on raised beds.  This meticulous process assures the quality of the coffee will be as high as possible.

We are tasting juicy citrus and soft rose, followed by dark fruit and a caramel like sweetness.  This combination of flavor is unlike anything we have had from Kenya before and we happy to get to share it with you.

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Farmer:          600 Members of the Akusi Co-op

Farm:              Akusi Co-op

Region:          Nakuru County

Country:        Kenya

Altitude:         1800MSL

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         SL28, SL34

Taste:              Rosehip – Grapefruit – Honey

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