Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires is full of life, both vibrant and sweet. We are tasting apricot, honeysuckle and cane sugar. This coffee has a gorgeous complexity with layers of sweetness that will have you constantly finding new flavors throughout the cup.

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We worked with our importing partner Cereza Coffee, to bring in this coffee from Rodrigo Pelaez, at his farm Laderas del Tapias (Finca Buenos Aires).

Cereza Coffee started working with Rodrigo Pelaez almost 5 years ago, which coincidently coincided with the change in the Colombian Coffee Federation policies making the export of innovative processing techniques like natural coffees and prolonged fermentations more permissible. Rodrigo was just beginning his experiments, and they embarked on the journey together. They started by experimenting with different processing parameters and methods and learned from a continuous feedback loop by cupping and sending samples to roasting partners in the US.

In addition to running his farm Laderas del Tapias, Rodrigo is a dentist in a nearby city called Manizales, and he also writes a column about coffee in his local newspaper (La Patria). He is community minded and shares my passion for working with smaller coffee producers around Colombia.

The coffee is manually selected for only the ripest cherries after picking. Then, the coffee is fermented in cherry for 30 hours. After which, it is de-pulped and fermented for another 20 hours before it is washed. The drying processes is carried out in static mechanical dryers using low temperatures, drying intervals, and constant movement over the course of the 10 days.

Farm:             Buenos Aires

Producer:      Rodrigo Pelaez

Region:          Neira, Caldas

Country:         Colombia

Altitude:        1900 meters

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         Caturra

Taste:             Apricot, honeysuckle, yellow peach, lemon, raisin, cane sugar

Aromatics:      Green apple, cherry, plum, milk chocolate

Acidity:           Bright/Juicy

Sweetness:     Medium

Recommended Brewing Methods:

V60 and C70

Pair this coffee with:
  • Peach Spritzer
  • Tropical fruits
  • Caramels

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