Busanze is a delight from Rwanda that we simply adore for it’s juicy acidity and heavy sweetness. We are tasting gooseberry, grapefruit, and brown sugar. This coffee will transport you to a warm, sunny bike ride through a citrus orchard.

 Roast Level:



This is the start of a wonderful new relationship with our new friend Francois. Francois Tuyishime has led a hard and inspiring life, starting in the in the western province of Rwanda. His home village is one of the many communities that were ravaged by the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. At six years old, he survived the Genocide by hiding in the famous Mibirizi Parish in Rusizi.

Coffee business has been part of Tuyishime’s family for over four decades. As a boy, he grew up seeing his father in coffee farms working alongside the farmers providing a sustainable income for his family. He instilled this same drive into his son to not only use coffee for income, but also as a tool to build and support communities. Through this initiative started by his father’s ambition, a portion of Yego’s (Francois importing business) income goes to providing lunches and school fees in the villages where coffee farmers live.

The Busanze washing station is located on the edge of the Nyungwe forest, the canopy creates shade for the coffee trees to grow, which helps with the density and moisture of the coffee cherry. The Nyaruguru district is known as the home of the most resilient people in the nation. After the genocide against the Tutsi, Nyaruguru is now a beacon of unity and reconciliation.

This coffee went through the standard washed process, after the cherries are picked, they get depulped and put into tanks for 16-25 hours to ferment.  Once the fermentation period is done, the coffee gets put onto drying tables under shade and gets sorted. After sorting, the coffee gets moved to raised beds in direct sunlight to dry for an average of 21 days. When coffee reaches an acceptable moisture content its taken to the dry mill where they remove the parchment and then electronic, density and screen size sort the green coffee.

Farm:             Busanze

Producer:      Small Scale Farmers

Region:          Nyaruguru District

Country:         Rwanda

Altitude:        2100 meters

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         Bourbon

Taste:             Gooseberry, red currant, grapefruit, black tea, brown sugar

Aromatics:      Grapefruit, zest, brown sugar

Acidity:           High/Juicy

Sweetness:     Medium/Sugary

Pair this coffee with:
  • Cherry compote on vanilla bean ice cream
  • Elderberry tonic
  • A walk through a citrus orchard

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Hario V60

20g in, 320g out

2:35 – 2:55 minutes

205 f temperature

Medium grind


0-30 seconds

50 gram pour, pick up brewer and spin 3 times

Second pour

30-50 seconds

Pour from 50 grams to 220 grams, starting at 30 seconds and ending your pour at 50 seconds (8.5 gram per second pour rate)

Let drain until 1:25

Third pour

1:25 – 1:40

Pour from 220 grams to 320 grams, starting at 1:25 and ending your pour at 1:40 (6.6 gram per second pour rate)

Let drain completely

Final time

Drain should end between 2:35 – 2:55 minutes or brew to taste

Recommended Espresso Recipe:

Classic 9 bar recipe

20g in, 47g out (22 gram basket)

25-28 seconds

200 f temperature

Espresso grind


Pulling this on espresso amplified the brown sugary notes in the hot cup, and was reminiscent of brown sugar cookies. As it cools, the brown sugar subsided, and vibrant citrus and tropical notes become the star of the show, and when it finally reaches room temperature it is almost tastes almost identical to a sugared ruby red grapefruit.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Package Size

12 oz, 5 lb

Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew