We are excited to be releasing our first Semi-Carbonic Macerated coffee from our family farm. The vibrant fruit notes in Café Rosé make us thing of sangria. This is followed by a creamy milk chocolate that is out of this world! Café Rosé is a unique coffee with dynamic flavors.  We are thrilled to share this with you!

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Semi-Carbonic Maceration is a brand-new process for our farm and one that has yielded exciting results this harvest. A process that has been used in the wine industry for many years now, it is where you take full cherries and put them into a sealed environment with a valve to let the oxygen escape as the coffee starts to ferment and create carbon dioxide. This happens relatively quick, creating an anaerobic environment for the coffee to ferment in. This results in more productivity from lacto bacteria, which in turn create more lactic acid in the coffee, instead of acetic acid otherwise known as vinegar, which is created when the cherries are exposed to oxygen. The maceration also gives time for the fermented juices to move from outside the seed to inside. Quickly after fermentation starts, yeast starts to take action transforming the sugar to alcohol, which then starts to extract pigment from the skins of the cherry into the solution causing the resulting liquid to have a pink hue to it which resembles the popular wine style called Rosé.

For this coffee, we picked late in the harvest to make sure the highest percentage of the coffee was in its peak ripeness. We then floated the coffee, removing any overripe and underdeveloped cherries in the mix, making sure only the best fruit was used in this lot. We then added the cherries to a tank along with yeast and bacteria to control which microbial activity was happening. We used a yeast that is known for its creation of tropical flavors and a sparkling acidity, which we found to be apparent in this coffee. After we introduced the microbes, we sealed the tank for 160 hours in a controlled low temperature environment. After this fermentation period, we released the cherries from the tank onto the patio and dried them naturally for 18 days.

We are tasting vibrant fruit notes of strawberry, blackberry and pineapple intertwined with flavors of red wine that make us think of sangria. This is followed by creamy milk chocolate and a raw sugar like sweetness that is brought together with a syrupy body. If you are looking for a unique coffee with dynamic flavors, this is your coffee.

Farmer:           José Augusto Peixoto

Farm:              Fazenda São José da Boa Vista

Region:           Sul de Minas

Country:          Brazil

Altitude:          1250 MSL

Process:           Semi Carbonic Natural

Varietal:           Red Catuai / Yellow Catucai

Acidity:             Sparkling

Sweetness:       Jammy

Taste:               Strawberry, rose, pineapple, blackberry, milk chocolate

Aromatics:       Wine, berries, sweet

Recommended Brewing Methods:

C70, 19g in 300g out, 4:00 – 4:15 Min

We loved what the C70 did to this coffee to bring clarity to its flavor and bring out its sweetness. It opens with sweet delicate flavors of strawberry and milk chocolate. Followed by flavors of blackberry and purple grape intertwined with winey flavors, which come together making you think of red sangria.  The sparkling acidity brings a great liveliness to the array of deep fruit and chocolate notes in this coffee, which gives the cup a great balance.

Pair this coffee with:        

  • Chocolate ganache
  • A beautiful sunset

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