For the past few years we’ve been engaged in R&D on the Peixoto family farm to improve the processing techniques at origin and produce coffees with flavor profiles that defy their origin stereotype.  Sometimes we go big and try things that have never been done on our farm before….just to see what happens, and we always learn something new!  This nanolot coffee, Estudo (or “study”, in Portuguese) Number 1, represents the first big step in that direction.  While we’re not divulging (yet) exactly how we produced this one of a kind coffee, what we can tell you about it is that we took control of the fermentation stage of the process at the microbial level (and yes, there actually was a microscope involved).   We hope you keep an open mind with this one, and have as much fun trying to nail down the flavor notes as we did producing it for you.

We are tasting some very unique flavors including pineapple, cola, and cedar.

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Farmer:          José Augusto Peixoto

Farm:              Fazenda São José da Boa Vista

Region:          Sul de Minas

Country:         Brazil

Altitude:         1250 MSL

Process:         Experimental

Varietal:          Catucai

Taste:              Pineapple – Cola – Cedar

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