Searching for something perhaps a bit more exotic than our family coffees, but not wanting something overly intense?  Look no further!  Finca Guayabales contains the perfect harmony of fruit, sweetness, and florals.  This coffee rouses the pleasure of enjoying a luscious piece of key lime pie!  It is a true stand-out coffee from Guatemala.

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Working with our friends at Onyx Coffee based out of Guatemala, we are excited to bring you our Finca Guayabales. A business built in strong family traditions, originally started to get their family coffees into the specialty market, Onyx has been farming and nurturing coffee producer relationships since 1957. Their goal is to bring the finest Guatemalan coffees to the world, which they are succeeding at!

Pedro Villatoro works his own piece of land which he named Guayabales, named after the guava thickets that grow throughout the property. This area of Guatemala is known for producing high scoring and award-winning coffees. Pedro’s brother, Aurelio, has entered and won the Cup of Excellence multiple times by sourcing the highest scoring coffees from all over the family’s plantation. Pedro and his 12 brothers and sisters have all built their houses and wet mills along a river that flows from the top of the mountains down into the village below. Each wet mill has an attached patio to dry the coffees. These patios extend over the lower siblings deputing area creating an overhang. This is then repeated 12 more times down the valley for each of the brothers and sisters.

After picking all the ripe cherries and de-pulping the coffee, Don Pedro will put the coffee in a fermentation tank for 48 hours where the coffee will get some of those nice fruity characteristics. Then he washed the coffee in “Correteos” using clean water that is coming from springs that are in the middle of the mountains. After that, the coffee goes directly to the Patios where he dries the coffee  for about 3 to 5 days, depending on the weather conditions, moving the coffee beans every 20 minutes with a wooden stick to make sure they can get a consistent dry.

One of our favorite coffees in years from Guatemala. It feels like there are endless new flavors coming from each new sip with some of the most consistent ones being key lime, cherry, peach, white tea and milk chocolate. Despite its fresh and vibrant flavors, it still maintains a richness to it which we found to be extraordinary.

Farmer:         Pedro Villatoro

Farm:            Guayabales

Region:         Huehuetenango

Country:        Guatemala

Altitude:        1800 MSL

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         Bourbon/Caturra

Taste:             Cherry, key lime, cranberry, peach, orange, white tea, cream, caramel, chocolate

Aromatics:      Lime, orange, vanilla wafer, raspberry, chocolate

Acidity:            Bright, juicy

Sweetness:      Deep

Recommended Brewing Methods:

C70, 19g in 300g out, 3:45 – 4:15 Min

Tastes like heavy milk chocolate with juicy notes of cherry and lime in the hot cup. As it cools, layers of key lime, wafer, and cream emerge that come together with a dense sugary sweetness to create what reminds us of key lime pie. In the cool cup, flavors of peach and white tea emerge and dance across the palette as the milk chocolate flavors coat your mouth. A very dynamic coffee with multiple, distinct flavor profiles coming together at different parts of the cup. We had a ton of fun brewing this coffee!

Pair this coffee with:
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries
  • Almond Croissant
  • Peach Scone

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