We are beyond excited to share this coffee with you, as it reminds us of how mysterious and beautiful coffee can be! You will find tasting notes of raspberry, orange, sweet cream, red grape and cocoa nib with a transition in the cool cup to mouthwatering flavors of lemon, followed by aromatics of jasmine. Gesha Village is an intense coffee with unique flavors and an incredible story.

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Near the border of South Sudan, you find the wild, dense, and stunning forests of the Bench Maji zone. This is home to the radiant Gesha variety, a coffee that has the power to astonish coffee drinkers around the globe with sparkling clean profiles.

Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton started out making a documentary about coffee and ended up with their own coffee farm in Ethiopia.  Gesha Village was founded six years ago near the birth ground where the famed Panamanian Gesha was discovered.

Gesha Village is a 471-hectare farm with high elevation, ample rainfall, temperate climates, and fruitful ground. Rachel and Adam started to select wild Gesha plants from the Gori Gesha forest and planted these among the indigenous trees.  2000 coffee trees per hectare were paired with more than 30,000 native shade trees.  Their agroforestry farming approach creates a balance between the original environment and the commercial management of the farm.

Rachel and Adam started by selecting seeds harvested from the Gori Gesha wild coffee forest; the site where the famous Panamanian Gesha was first selected.  It is in the Bench-maji region and has been entirely isolated until the construction of a road a few years prior. This is way off the beaten path close to the Sudanese border, about a two-day drive from the more common growing regions (Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Djimma).  It has the perfect microclimate and elevation for everything to come together for the perfect cup.

Farmer:          Rachel Samuel/Adam Overton

Farm:             Gesha Village

Region:          Bench Maji

Country:         Ethiopia

Altitude:        2100 meters

Process:         Natural

Varietal:         Gesha 1931/Gori Gesha

Taste:             Raspberry, orange, sweet cream, jasmine, cocoa nib, red grape

Aromatics:      Raspberry, citrus, milk chocolate

Acidity:           Bright/Juicy

Sweetness:     High

Recommended Brewing Method:

C70, 19g in 300g out, 3:45 – 4:15 Min

Pair this coffee with:

A vanilla madeleine and a celebration!

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