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Introducing our Limited Edition Chaka Gesha Village!  A truly amazing coffee experience from the background story, to the packaging and the cup.  Not only is this one of the best coffees we have had all year, but the Gesha Village project is extraordinary in its own right.  Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton started out making a documentary about coffee and ended up creating their own coffee farm in Ethiopia.  They started by selecting seeds harvested from the Gori Gesha wild coffee forest; the site where the famous Panamanian Gesha was first selected.  Their farm is way off the beaten path close to the Sudanese border, about a two day drive from the more common growing regions (Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Djimma).  It is located in the Bench-maji region, and has been entirely isolated until the construction of a road a few years prior.  It has the perfect microclimate, elevation and coffee varieties.  It seems that they found the holy grail.  We are proud to be sharing such a unique and wonderful coffee with you!  We are tasting tangerine, jasmine, orange blossom, peach, black tea and brown sugar.  It is extremely complex and structured much like its Central American Gesha counter parts, and has been nothing short of amazing.

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8 oz – Whole Bean Only

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Farmer:           Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton

Farm:             Chaka by Gesha Village

Region:          Bench-Maji Zone

Country:        Ethiopia

Altitude:        1,909-2069 Meters

Process:         Natural

Varietal:         Gori Gesha, Gesha 1931, Illubabor Forest

Taste:             Jasmine – Orange Blossom – Peach

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8 oz

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