Looking for a brand-new coffee experience?  Look no further!        Gora Kone is a fruit bomb with what seems like endless flavor and a beautiful body to tie it all together.  We are tasting fresh strawberry, blueberry, cherry, plum and milk chocolate.  Be sure to enjoy this coffee with a friend!

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The Gora Kone washing station is situated in the Arsi region, next to the Nensebo river and the village of Werka. The station provides an income for 700 to 800 coffee smallholders. On the premise of these family farms, 3 hectares per farm on average, you find wanza and acacia trees that shade their coffee trees. This slows down the maturation process of the cherries allowing the fruit to create more complexities, as well as density to hold the flavors in.

Cherries are handpicked between November and January and delivered to the Gora Kona washing station. Natural coffees are dried for 15-18 days on drying beds. The drying beds are situated on steep hillsides that are exposed to great amounts of wind. The wind creates a great drying condition for the coffee by pulling off excess humidity to allow for even drying.

Although this coffee is very fruity, it is not highly acidic.  The flavors are tied to the incredible amount of sweetness this coffee holds within and keeps it very balanced.

Farmer:         Various small farmers

Farm:            Gora Kone Washing Station

Region:         Sidamo

Country:        Ethiopia

Altitude:        2050 MSL

Process:         Natural

Varietal:         Heirloom

Taste:             Strawberry, blueberry, black cherry, plum, milk chocolate

Aromatics:      Strawberry, cherry, chocolate

Acidity:           Round

Sweetness:     High

Recommended Brewing Methods:

19 in 300 out
2:55-3:15 min.
Medium coarse grind
205f water

In the cup, it screams dessert coffee with flavors of chocolate, Port wine, rose and cherry – reminiscent of an overly dramatic romantic scene in an old movie. As it cools, strong flavors of blueberry syrup take over with fresh florals and a lingering milk chocolate. The body brings a lot of harmony throughout the cup, capturing these fleeting florals, loads of fruit, and sweet chocolate.

Pair this coffee with:
  • Vanilla ice cream as an affogato
  • Your favorite chocolate bar
  • A friend with which you want to enjoy a new experience

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