Hunda Oli means “the greatest,” in Oromo, the language of the Oromo people, who make up the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. We don’t disagree with this assessment. This is a fantastic representation of how great the coffees in the Limu region have become.
This coffee was brought to us by the 161 members in the Kata Muduga Farmer’s Cooperative union. This co-op processes their coffee with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly machines that use minimal water.  This was fermented in soaking tanks for 12 hours, then dried on tables for 9 to 11 days.
We are getting a lot of juicy citrus and stone fruit followed by an array of tropical notes including guava, lychee and passionfruit. It has wonderful floral aspects throughout the cup and a huge amount sweetness that reminds us of honey and brown sugar.

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Farmer:          161 members of the Kata Muduga co-op

Farm:             Kata Muduga co-op

Region:         Oromia

Country:         Ethiopia

Altitude:         1970-2200 MASL

Process:         Washed

Varietal:          Heirloom

Taste:              Lemon – Peach – Honey

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