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The Idido station is known for careful fermenting, sorting, and drying routines executed to perfection – this is no exception.

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We are proud to be working with Steve from Unravel Coffee merchants again for this release. He along with his partner Ashenafi, who is on the ground in Ethiopia year-round, are focused on creating sustainability in coffee pricing, teaching, and growing the staff at each of the sites they work on.

If you are familiar with Yirgacheffe, it is hard to believe that a town so tiny could have such a reputation. Its renown, however, is well-earned. The region is densely populated (second only to Addis Ababa), making the diversity of the ecosystem even more impressive. While a large percentage of the area’s population grows coffee as a cash crop, a majority are subsistence farmers growing many types of fruits, vegetables, and beans.

Idido (ee-DEE-do) was established in 1998 and is a private washing station located just north of the town of Yirga Chefe, in the heart of the coveted Gedeo Zone. The Gedeo region is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. There are nearly 2,000 members in the Idido co-op. These producers typically have very small plots of land around their homes, averaging 1.5 hectares, diversely planted with cover crops such as Enset, Adeneguare, Bolokea, and Avocado – along with various shade trees like Birebera, Dokima, Besana, and Girawa.

The idido station is known for careful fermenting, sorting, and drying routines executed to perfection throughout the dramatic temperature fluctuations of Yirgacheffe’s unique high-elevation climate. This coffee was dried for 18 days on raised beds and frequently covered during the hottest hours of the afternoon when solar radiation is at its most intense and threatens to split the coffee’s brittle parchment layer.

This results in a coffee with high-intensity acidity, aromatics, and sweetness, all while keeping the flavors extremely clear and in the forefront. 

Farm details:

Producer: Small Scale Farmers

Co-op: Idido Station

Region:      Idido, Yirgacheffe

Country:         Ethiopia

Altitude:        1850 -2200m

Process:         Fully washed

Varietal:         Native Varieties

Flavor profile:

Aromatics:      Bergamot, lemon balm, peach, nectarine, sweet tea

Taste:            Nectarine, white grape, lemon, bergamot, dried apricot, sweet tea, lemon candy

Acidity:           High/Mouth watering

Sweetness:     High/Dense

Body: Medium/Silky

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Fellow Stagg [X]

22g in, 350g out

2:25 – 2:45 minutes

205 f temperature

Medium/coarse grind


0-30 seconds

50 gram pour, pick up brewer and spin 3 times

Second pour

30-50 seconds

Pour from 50 grams to 200 grams, starting at 30 seconds and ending your pour at 50 seconds (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let fully drain should be between 1:15-1:30

Third pour

1:15 – 1:30

Pour from 200 grams to 350 grams, starting at 1:15-1:30 and ending your pour at 1:35-1:50 (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let drain completely

Final time

Drain should end between 2:25 – 2:45 minutes or brew to taste

Recommended Espresso Recipe:

Classic 9 bar recipe

20g in, 65g out (22 gram basket)

23-27 seconds

200 f temperature

Espresso grind

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