La Montanita


This is our first offering from Nicaragua and a standout from the La Montanita farm.  It is the Maragogype variety which first peaked our interest and the flavor that followed was incredible.  This variety is known as the elephant bean, which is a rightful name these beans are huge.  The La Montanita farm is being run by Jaime Blandon Rivera, who has a ton of passion and dedication to producing excellent coffees.  Jaime has been working in coffee for seven years and has been working to get 80% of his production to be sold into the specialty market.  He believes with favorable growing conditions and hard work in the post-harvest processing he can achieve his dream.  The flavor profile this coffee has been unlike any we have tasted before.  This is the perfect example of how the coffees variety plays such a big factor in the end result.  We are tasting blackberry, orange, white grape, elderflower, and sugar cane.  It has a soft mouth-feel with a ton of complexity both in the acidity and the sweetness.
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Farmer:         Jaime Rivera

Farm:             La Montanita

Region:          Jinotega

Country:        Nicaragua

Altitude:        1150 MSL

Process:         Fully Washed

Varietal:        Maragogype

Taste:   Blackberry – Elderflower – Mango

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