If you’re searching for a unique coffee experience, you will want to try La Virginia Pink Bourbon with its intense, distinct flavors and interesting processing method. This coffee offers a beautiful bouquet of aromatics including raspberry, lime zest, mango, and cream soda followed by intense flavors of blackberry, pink lady apple and pineapple, with soft florals of hibiscus and a cotton candy like sweetness. La Virginia evokes memories of fruity popsicles enjoyed on hot summer days!

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Working with our amazing partners at Tierralta, who are sourcing incredible coffees from Colombia, we are excited to introduce our Finca La Virginia Pink Bourbon!

Pink bourbon is an extraordinary and rare variety first found in Colombia, grown by Rafael Amaya at Finca La Virginia in the mountains of the Hulia region. This coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criterion which is exceptionally hard with the light pink hue of this variety when it is fully ripe. To enhance its fruit characteristics and clarity, Rafael exposed it to a dry fermentation of 50 hours with the pulp on and 50 more hours after it is de-pulped. Afterwards it is washed in washing tanks and dried on raised beds to the ideal moisture content. This varietal is currently under research in order to determine its origin. It is said that it is a mutation that took place at 2100 M in San Adolfo, Hulia. This variety has been sought after since its discovery for its distinct flavor profile that is reminiscent of the famous Gesha variety.  It shares the clean bright acidities and fragrant florals as well as the deep sweetness and structure.

Farmer:          Rafael Amaya

Farm:             La Virginia

Region:          Hulia

Country:         Colombia

Altitude:        1800-1900 meters

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         Pink Bourbon

Taste:             Raspberry, pink lady apple, pineapple,

                      hibiscus, lime, cotton candy, milk chocolate

Aromatics:       Black berry, mango, orange blossom,

                        lime zest, hard candy

Acidity:            Bright/Juicy

Sweetness:       High

Recommended Brewing Method:

V60, 19g in 300g out, 2:45 – 3:15 min.

Tastes like heavy milk chocolate with juicy notes of pomegranate, red currant, and hibiscus in the hot cup. As it cools, layers of berries and lime emerge that come together with the sugary sweetness to create what tastes like a fresh squeezed limeade.

We love brewing this coffee because you can brew it differently to focus the balance towards the beautiful fruits by making the grind coarser and brewing on the faster side (2:45 brew time), or you push the sweetness and body way up by going a little finer and longer! Both sides have layers upon layers of fruit characteristics that make you excited for every new sip, an absolute pleasure to drink.

Pair this coffee with:

Fresh fruits or a dark chocolate bar

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