This year’s fresh El Salvador crop is arriving now and tasting incredible. This is the third year in a row we have gotten the pleasure to buy coffee from our good friend, Anny Ruth.

Anny runs her family estate, “Loma La Gloria” where she is constantly pushing for high quality coffees and breaking traditions. By producing several different honey and natural processed coffees, which she has been perfecting for years, she has achieved several unique and delicious coffees. Again, this year, her Red Honey process stood out for its balance and sweetness.

Dominating the cup are deep fruit notes: plum and raisin upfront, with lighter tones of apricot and grape, which are followed by warming spices and finishing up with creamy milk chocolate. We are always excited when Anny’s coffees come in because we know we are going to see a lot of happy faces when they drink it.

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Farmer:           Anny Ruth Pimentel

Farm:              Loma La Gloria

Region:           Balsamo Quetzaltepec

Country:          El Salvador

Altitude:        1350-1700 MSL

Process:         Red Honey

Varietal:         Red Bourbon

Taste:             Apricot – Almond – Golden Raisin

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