An incredibly complex, intense, and fragrant coffee; it embodies a flavor profile that is both wild and unbounded at times and highly refined in others.

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We are beyond excited to be partnering again with our good friends at Mikava Estates for this release. The amount of care they put into everyone of their coffees is immense and their coffees inspire us every time we drink them.

Mikava Estates was founded, with their first 6 hectare farm in 2013 in the Historic Colonial pueblo in Marsella, Risaralda. It was the fulfillment of a dream that began in the mid-80s when the Doyle family started a café and roastery in the Pacific Northwest. It was during a trip to Colombia that Paul Doyle and his son, Kevin, were inspired to follow their passion for distinctive coffee and decided to buy a farm and start growing and producing coffee.

Their first farm, Finca Marsella is a small farm located just outside overlooking the town and three active volcanos in the center of the Colombian Andes; Nevado del Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Nevado del Tolima.
This farm sits just below the La Nona Reserve protected forest between 1,710-1,792 meters above sea level with an average temperature around 66f. Planted here are 1.5 hectares of Bourbon and Typica coffee trees, 3 hectares of Gesha and Enano Gesha (also known as, Dwarf Gesha), and .5 hectares of Sudan Rume. The farm is dissected by a water way coming from the Reserve called Que Brada La Nona. A large portion of the farm and its borders are surrounded by protected forests. There is a unique micro-climate at Marsella that brings rain showers, thunderstorms, and cooling breezes, making this location exceptional for producing rare, distinctive, and award-winning coffee.

This coffee is apart of Mikava’s innovation series where they are pushing the boundaries of what coffee can taste like through meticulous picking, processing, and drying. For this lot, they hand picked the ripest gesha cherries, quickly placed them into sealed containers, and pumped in c02 to remove any oxygen; while in the containers they closely monitor temperature, rotating them if the core of the cherries starts to heat due to the fermentation. After the cherries have gone through this controlled low oxygen fermentation, they open the containers to be dried in a solar dryer, known as a Marquesina: multi-tiered raised drying beds where temperature and humidity are carefully controlled through diligent tending and turning daily by full-time staff.

Farm details:

Farmer:          Paul and Kevin Doyle

Farm:             Finca Marsella

Region:          Marsella, Risaralda

Country:         Colombia

Altitude:         1750 MSL

Process:          Low o2 Natural

Varietal:         Gesha

Flavor profile:

Aromatics:     Raspberry, port wine, blackberry, concord grape, raisin

Taste:             Blackberry, raspberry, tangerine, grape candy, port wine

Acidity:          High intensity/bright

Sweetness:    Medium intensity/round

Body:            Heavy/velvety

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Fellow Stagg [X]

22g in, 360g out

2:00 – 2:15 minutes

205 f temperature

Medium/coarse grind


0-30 seconds

50 gram pour, pick up brewer and spin 3 times

Second pour

30-50 seconds

Pour from 50 grams to 200 grams, starting at 30 seconds and ending your pour at 50 seconds (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let fully drain should be between 1:15-1:30

Third pour

1:15 – 1:30

Pour from 200 grams to 360 grams, starting at 1:15-1:30 and ending your pour at 1:35-1:50 (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let drain completely

Final time

Drain should end between 2:00 – 2:15 minutes or brew to taste

Recommended Espresso Recipe:

Classic 9 bar recipe

20g in, 65g out (22 gram basket)

29-33 seconds

200 f temperature

Espresso grind


High intensity blueberry acidity, fruit compote, heavy dried fruit sweetness

Additional information

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew

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