Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano spread across the border of Uganda and Kenya. Given the similar terrior and varieties, the coffees being produced at Mt. Elgon are reminiscent of the prized Kenyan coffees we love. We thought the coffees we were tasting from the Kapchorwa washing station had an incredible amount of sweetness that immediately grabbed our attention.

The team at the mill was excited to have a new Penagos Ecopulper that helped them immensely with throughput and quality. After the coffee was de-pulped they then fermented it for 12 hours overnight. The next morning the coffee was placed in a float tank where the floaters were removed. The coffee was dried using a combination of sun and mechanical drying until it was down to a moisture content of 12%.

Wonderful aromatics of orange and cinnamon fill the air when you first grind. At first taste you'll be hit with a heavy sweetness that reminds of raisins and dates. As the cup cools plum and citrus start to cut through the layers of sweetness giving a wonderful balance. The flavors last long after you drink reminding you of baking spices and brown sugar. The complex sweetness and clarity of the fruit perceived remind us of a mixture of coffees from Kenya and Colombia. A truly wonderful combination!

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Farmer:         885 smallholder farmers

Farm:            Kapchorwa washing station

Region:         Kapchorwa

Country:        Uganda

Altitude:        1,650–2,200 MSL

Process:         Washed

Varietal:         SL14, SL28, Bugisu Local

Taste:             Plum – Orange – Brown Sugar

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