Imagine sitting at a picnic on a warm summer day, taking a bite of a delicious homemade cherry pie … that’s the experience we get from this unique coffee! Working with our amazing partners at Tierralta, who are sourcing incredible coffees from Colombia, we are excited to introduce Jairo Arcilia’s Natural Castillo! We love how this coffee hits all the right notes between heavy sweetness, fruit forwardness and complexity.

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Santa Monica was produced by Jairo Arcila. For this microlot, cherries were strictly picked with the same level of ripeness, exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 16 hours and dried in a controlled environment at 35 degrees Celsius. Jairo’s farm is located in Armenia, Quindio in Colombia. This lot is 100% Castillo, which is a hybrid between Caturra and Timor. This is an incredibly sustainable variety for farmers being resistant to leaf rust and high yield, but is a tricky one to coax quality flavors out of. Jairo, through years of trial and error, has found the secret to processing and growing this coffee and has produced a truly amazing end product.

This coffee has a distinct flavor profile, mouthfeel, and unusually high quality for the variety. We chose this coffee for its unique fruit characteristics, high sweetness, and body. We are tasting notes of plum, peach, dried pineapple, red wine, ripe banana, and raisin. Santa Monica is deep, dense and complex with a juicy and creamy body.

Farmer:        Jairo Arcila

Farm:           Santa Monica

Region:        Quindio

Country:       Colombia

Altitude:       1900-2200 MSL

Process:        Natural

Varietal:        Castillo

Taste:            Plum – Rum Raisin – Ripe Banana

Aromatics:      Strawberry, Fig

Acidity:           Medium/Juicy

Sweetness:     High

Pair this coffee with:
  • Flaky, buttered croissant
  • Pineapple sparkling water

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Filter: Kalita Wave

19g in – 295g out, 205f water

One 95 gram bloom and two 100 gram pulses

3:30~ brew time

This coffee likes to run fast and has a drying effect on your mouth when it is underextracted. We found that you need to grind this coffee a little finer than you’d expect and pour aggressively/agitate the bloom to up the extraction. When you get it dialed in, this coffee is explosive in flavor on filter. We get an array of fruit notes depending on different temperatures in the cup ranging from lemon to grape to banana and dried strawberry. The body is syrupy on the Kalita Wave to a point where it reminds you of push pop. We love the balance of dense, dark fruit and chocolate mixed with the bright and juicy acidity. This coffee can be pushed far in brew times without tasting bitter. It seems like it has endless sugars to pull from. To obtain this, you just need to grind a bit finer and have your brew time finish a little closer to 4 minutes. You can use this to tone down the brightness and focus the balance more towards the sweet side.

Espresso: La Marzocco Linea

19.5g in – 58g out, 200f water

Pressure: 9 Bar

31 seconds

We have pulled this coffee all kinds of ways with amazing results, but we found that this recipe was creating some of the best espresso we have had in long time. It had everything from tropical fruits like mango and pineapple to sweet dark fruit like plum and concord grape and complex sugars like fig, caramel, and dark chocolate. The acidity comes off bright and juicy, then the sweetness comes forward to create that depth. Although this espresso is extremely fruited, the body is full and velvety.

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