Sere Saba is a sweet and succulent coffee with luscious fruity aromas. Drinking this coffee will remind you of having a bowl of fresh raspberries with sugar sprinkles, making it the perfect addition for a coffee date with a friend.

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Sere Saba was established in 1996 in Oromiya regional state Guji zone Kercha Woreda and specializes in the processing of washed and unwashed specialty coffees.

Sere Saba works with more than 200 growers and employs 328 employees on a temporary basis. Sere Saba is fully committed on conserving the environment through programs of reforestation, preservation of water sources and the natural eco system.

After the coffee was collected from the growers, it was laid on raised beds then carefully hand picked for unripe and over ripe cherries. The coffee was then naturally dried.

Farmer:         Sere Saba

Farm:          Small Scale Producers

Region:         Guji

Country:        Ethiopia

Altitude:       2300 Meters

Process:         Natural

Varietal:         Heirloom

Taste:            Raspberry, Caramel, Black Tea, Dried fruit

Aromatics:      Raspberry, Orange, Dried fruit

Acidity:           Bright

Sweetness:     High

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Aeropress, Kalita, C70

Pair this coffee with:
  • Tonic water
  • Dark chocolate bar
  • A coffee date with a friend

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