We have brought together two amazing coffees, from Colombia and Ethiopia, in a marriage of opulent flavor. We are tasting strawberry, black cherry, dried fruit, and fudge in beautiful harmony. The acidity is mouthwatering, with a sweetness that is dense and rich. This coffee should be shared with the person you love!

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Altitude:       1800/2050 meters

Process:        Washed/Natural

Varietal:      Caturra/Heirloom

Taste:            Dried strawberry, black cherry, fudge

Recommended Brewing Methods:      


Inverted method

16g in – 240g out

Medium Grind


50 grams, 3 stirs

Pour up to 240 grams

Let steep for 3:30

Plunge at 3:30 for 30 seconds

Total time 4:00

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12 oz, 5 lb

Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew