We have joined together two of our favorite coffees, the Finca Guayabales from Guatemala and the Gora Kone from Ethiopia, in a marriage of opulent flavor. We are tasting black cherry, white chocolate, raspberry, orange and chocolate ganache in beautiful harmony. The acidity is mouthwatering, with a sweetness that is dense and rich. This coffee should be shared with the person you love!

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Farmer:         Pedro Villatoro/Various small farmers

Farm:            Guayabales/Gora Kone Washing station

Country:        Guatemala & Ethiopia

Region:          Huehuetenango/Sidamo

Altitude:        1800/2050 meters

Process:         Washed/Natural

Varietal:         Bourbon/Caturra/Heirloom

Taste:             Black cherry, white chocolate, orange, lime, raspberry, chocolate ganache

Aromatics:      Fudge, raspberry, orange

Acidity:           Bright/Juicy

Sweetness:     Deep/Rich

Recommended Brewing Method:

Kalita wave 19g in – 300g out 2:45 – 3:15 mins

Flavors of rich chocolate with light berries in the hot cup. As it cools, raspberry and strawberry take over the cup with a white chocolate-like sweetness. In the cool cup, notes of orange and lime take over as the dominate fruit, and an aftertaste of milk chocolate stays long after you take your last sip.

Pair this coffee with:

  • A sweet fruit tart
  • Lava cake
  • The one you love!

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