Yanira Aguilar

Yanira is a sustainably focused producer who utilizes traditional techniques to showcase the region’s exceptional environmental factors.

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Yanira’s farm is situated in the town of Casabianca, nestled in the Andes of Northern Tolima. This region has a diverse agricultural background, with a history of cultivating crops such as beans, corn, and panela sugarcane. Additionally, the area is known for its extensive cattle ranching, coffee, and avocado production, showcasing the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Yanira’s focus on traditional coffee-growing techniques is an excellent example of how she is leveraging her region’s agricultural heritage to create a successful farm. By using compost from her husband’s cattle, she is relying on organic and sustainable methods to fertilize her crops, which not only benefits her farm but also the environment. The high altitudes of Casablanca also provide an ideal environment for growing coffee cherries, as they help to create a slow and even maturation process. This leads to healthy, big, and dense coffee cherries, which are key to producing complex and deep coffees. Additionally, the unique microclimate of the region has a big impact on the coffee’s flavor profile, making it distinct from coffee grown in other parts of Colombia.

This lot is comprised of the Caturra cultivar, which is meticulously handpicked. Following the harvest, the cherries are de-pulped and submerged in water to ferment. Given the high altitudes and cool weather conditions, the fermentation process takes longer than usual. Once the cherries have undergone fermentation, they are laid out on patios to dry under the sun.

This lot offers bright acidity, a uniquely heavy body for the process, and deep sweetness with a chocolatey finish. 

Farm details:

Producer: Yanira Aguilar

Region: Casabianca, Tolima

Country: Colombia


Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Flavor profile:

Aromatics: Red apple, pineapple, savory, dried berries, dried mango, dark chocolate

Taste: Red apple, clementine, grapefruit, pear, molasses, dried mango, dark chocolate

Acidity: Medium/Round

Sweetness: High/dense

Body: High/coating

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Fellow Stagg [X]

22g in, 350g out

2:25 – 2:45 minutes

205 f temperature

Medium/coarse grind


0-30 seconds

50 gram pour, pick up brewer and spin 3 times

Second pour

30-50 seconds

Pour from 50 grams to 200 grams, starting at 30 seconds and ending your pour at 50 seconds (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let fully drain should be between 1:15-1:30

Third pour

1:15 – 1:30

Pour from 200 grams to 350 grams, starting at 1:15-1:30 and ending your pour at 1:35-1:50 (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let drain completely

Final time

Drain should end between 2:25 – 2:45 minutes or brew to taste

Recommended Espresso Recipe:

Classic 9 bar recipe

20g in, 65g out (22 gram basket)

23-27 seconds

200 f temperature

Espresso grind

Additional information

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12 oz, 5 lb

Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew

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