Here in time for Spring, we bring you our Cítrico Blend! Our idea going into this blend was to create a coffee with a lot of complexity without having to miss out on the rich sweet undertones we love in coffee. The flavor profile we had in mind when creating this coffee was a creamsicle, one of our favorite springtime treats!

When choosing the blend components, we searched for something that could bridge the flavors together the same way that you get when eating a creamsicle. We wanted to source something with a distinct orange flavor and a heavy creamy body that lingered throughout the cup. We came across a coffee from the Aponte Village in Colombia that was exactly this. Paired with our Peixoto Doce, you get a wonderfully juicy orange quality that settles in, bringing with it fresh notes of peel, zest and juice. Vanilla and sweet cream saturate the finish while also cutting the acidity just enough to create that distinct creamsicle experience.

The two coffees in this blend combine in a way that they perfectly highlight each other. We love Cítrico for its flavor profile and balance. This coffee shines with its fruit forward acidity while also being rich and sweet. Cítrico pairs nicely with your favorite croissant, sugar cookie or dark chocolate. Brews well on every brewing device, from auto-drip to espresso with ease.

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Altitude:       Various

Process:        Washed & Natural

Varietal:        Catucai / Caturrra

Taste:            Orange Flesh – Sweet Cream – Dark Chocolate

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Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew