As a specialty coffee grower, Julian Hernandez knows that the fundamental step in guaranteeing the highest quality coffee is a successful harvest. For this reason, he only gathers the ripest cherries to de-pulp. Fermentation commences in a tank over a period of 32 hours. The drying process is then carried out under the sun and takes up to 20 days. These periods of fermentation and drying are influenced directly by the climatic conditions of the environment where the coffee is produced.

This coffee blew us away on the cupping table with its complexity, beautiful creamy body, and elegant strawberry-like sweetness. This exhibits a lot of the classic notes we would look for in a washed process Geisha with perfume-like florals, intense citrus, and heavy sweetness. Along with that, it reveals beautiful layers of fresh sweet strawberries, and a creamy milk-like mouthfeel. All the flavors come together in harmony and none of them overwhelm the others. This was a standout coffee for us this year, and we are happy to share it with you!

 Roast Level:
8oz – Whole Bean only


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Farmer:        Las Brisas

Farm:            Julian Hernandez

Region:          Huila

Country:        Colombia

Altitude:       1,800 m.a.s.l

Process:        Washed

Varietal:       Geisha

Taste:          Grapefruit – Strawberry – Bergamot – Black Tea – Sugar Cane

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