Spooky Season is upon us! If you are seeking for a Halloween treat to devour, then this limited-time coffee is the one you’ll want to snatch up. The flavor profile we had in mind when creating this spooky blend was a coffee version of Halloween candy. We’re getting tastes of spooky caramel apple sucker, frightening blue raspberry, and a wicked candy bar. Grab a bag before it ceases to exist!

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When creating this Spooky Vibes Blend, we had one goal in mind – to replicate the feeling of digging into your candy basket after a night of trick-or-treating. We put together our Dumerso, a Natural processed coffee from Ethiopia and our Peixoto Honey, a honey processed coffee from our family farm, together for an irresistible flavor combination reminiscent of caramel apple sucker, blue raspberry jolly rancher and milky way candy bars. We love how this blend has both the juicy and sweet candied flavors while also having the comforting flavors of caramel and chocolate.

Altitude:       2100/1300 Meters

Process:        Natural

Varietal:      Heirloom/Catucai

Taste:            Caramel apple sucker, blue raspberry jolly rancher, milky way

Recommended Brewing Methods:      

Aeropress, Kalita, and C70

Pair this coffee with:       

  • Dark chocolate bars
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • A spooky night

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