This coffee is the go-to lot of our current-harvest Peixoto family coffees.  Rich flavors of berries, chocolate and nuts identify it as a high-quality Brazil.  With a sweet, clean, and rich flavor profile, this coffee pleases just about everyone. Works flawlessly on all brewing methods from espresso to filter to full immersion to cold brew.

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This coffee holds a special place in our heart, as it is the first coffee we ever served and a statement about what we are all about. First and foremost, we are about family here at Peixoto and this coffee represents the family we have at the farm, at our café, and each of our wonderful home coffee drinkers. It also represents a coffee that is constantly opening the minds on what Brazilian coffee can taste like and breaking down barriers that people have formed about coffees from Brazil.

Since this is our mainstay coffee for the year, we take a lot of quality steps to ensure freshness, quality, and uniformity at the farm level. We have focused a lot of our time at the farm cupping lot after lot finding which part of our farm is producing the flavor profile and quality people have come to expect with the Familia. Once the lot is chosen and the cherries are picked, we put them through a float tank and sort the cherries to ensure that underripe and overripe cherries get sorted out before fermentation. After we have a homogeneous cherry pile, we start the fermentation period which is anywhere between 24-48 hours based on temperature. We then slow dry the cherries on our patios with an intent on getting the water activity stable and getting the moisture content down to 10.5%. With these parameters in place, the coffee will lock in its vibrancy, sweetness and complexities long into the next year. Brazil, being the powerhouse coffee producer that it is, comes with some big perks in technology innovation, and we have slowly introduced this onto the farm through years of reinvestment. We now have a fully functioning mill, which we put the coffee through every sorting step imaginable.

The Familia’s characteristic that stands out to us the most is its rich, dense sweetness which provides structure to its nuances. Having that backbone is what allows this coffee to be so versatile and allows for this coffee to shine on anything you are brewing. We love to throw this coffee on espresso and emphasize the brown sugar, apple and berry notes. Brewing cold brew allows for notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate, caramel, and honeydew. Where if you are brewing this coffee on auto drip cranberry, orange, date and cocoa come together in the most satisfying way.

Farmer:          José Augusto Peixoto

Farm:             Fazenda São José da Boa Vista

Region:          Sul de Minas

Country:         Brazil

Altitude:         1250 MSL

Process:          Natural

Varietal:          Catuai / Catucai

Taste:              Hazelnut – Honey – Berries

Pair this coffee with:        

  • A coconut paleta
  • Vanilla gelato
  • Tonic water

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Filter:  Kalita

19in – 300g out, 205f water

Three, 100 gram pours

3:30~ brew time

This recipe offers the finest of both qualities this coffee does best – deep sweetness and balance. We loved how clean the flavors were represented, as well as how round the body was. It really showcased the citrus and apple acidities, where notes of brown sugar and caramel were always there to round them out. It reminded us of eating a fresh apple pie which instantly brings you joy!

Espresso:  La Marzocco Linea

19g in – 55g out

Pressure: 9 bars

29 seconds

This is our classic espresso recipe for the Familia. It yields a silky-smooth bodied shot with soft notes of honey crisp apple, tangerine, and cantaloupe. Like most of the recipes with the Familia, the flavors are all pulled together with its underlining brown sugar sweetness, notes of hazelnut and chocolate. We love pulling this espresso because it feels like the gateway into getting deeper into single origin straight espresso. The concentration is low enough that it’s an easy drinker; the extractions are high, so it’s focused on sweetness. The body holds it together but doesn’t take away from the flavor. It is really everything you would want to have in a good espresso without being so exotic to where it’s scary.

Espresso:  San Remo Opera (Experimental)

19g in – 45g out

Pressure: 7 bar pre infusion (5 seconds), 4.5 bar main infusion (19 seconds), 7.5 bar post infusion (2 seconds)

26 seconds

This espresso recipe may look a bit strange, but we found it emphasized all the aspects of espresso that we enjoy. The quick higher pressure pre infusion may be a bit uncommon, but we thought it added a lot to the shots. Here’s how we look at it… the initial water that hits your puck is the point of highest extraction. This means if anything is off about how you tamped or your grind size, a long pre infusion can emphasize the over extraction that happens with these issues. This happens because the water is in contact with the grounds for a longer period than usual and it allows for higher extractions. We also thought the pre infusion at this setting set up a contact time that really emphasized on the citric acidity we love in this coffee. The main infusion is really where the magic happens in this shot. After the pre infusion gets the flow rate up, this phase comes in and slows down that contact time. We found an enhanced body and a heavy sweetness from the shots we pulled with this setting. This allows for the acids you formed in the first phase to connect and shine through. If you find the balance is too sweet to the point where it’s almost one-sided, try coming up a bar or two to speed up your flow rate. The post infusion is all about adding a boost of agitation in the end to get a bit of extra sweetness. We found that this added the least to the process and could be skipped, but we liked the boost of sweetness it provided in some extractions especially on the quicker shots. We pulled this at our shop for months with wonderful results. The consistent quality espresso you can produce with this was always incredible at the high paces you get behind the bar.

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