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Year over year this coffee has proven to be a customer favorite with its incredibly approachable flavor profile.  With similar lineage to our popular Familia Peixoto (natural process), our Peixoto Honey (honey process) presents a slightly more elegant cup profile, yet with the same rich sweetness that we have come to love from all of our family coffees.  Producing honey-process coffees on our farm involves a significant amount of work and requires much care during the drying process.  As a result this coffee has limited availability and we are always excited to receive more each year to share with you!


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Our Honey Process coffee is floated in a washing system to remove any overly ripe cherries before being passing through a depulper to gently remove the cherry skin and being sun-dried.  This process process results in the development of more delicate flavor notes.

In the cup, this coffee has a vibrant and exceptionally clean flavor profile with the same great sweetness that we have come to love from our family coffees.

Farmer:          José Augusto Peixoto

Farm:             Fazenda São José da Boa Vista

Region:          Sul de Minas

Country:         Brazil

Altitude:         1250 MSL

Process:          Honey

Varietal:          Yellow Catucai

Taste:              White Grape – Date – Milk Chocolate

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Filter: Saint Anthony’s C70

19in – 300g out, 205f water

Three, 100 gram pours

3:45-4:15 ~ brew time

This Recipe offers a lot of clarity and separation of flavor which highlights the things we love in the Peixoto Honey. Notes of sweet orange and milk chocolate in the hot cup give you a glimpse of what is to come. Cooling with flavors of orange, crisp apple, white grape and a sweetness of raw sugar, the flavors come together in a beautiful harmony, all coming together without over taking each other.

Espresso:  La Marzocco Linea

20g in – 45g out

Pressure: 9 bars

25-28 seconds

This is our classic espresso recipe for the Peixoto Honey. It yields a juicy bodied shot with soft notes of granny smith apple, and white grape. This is held together with the structure of the sweetness, which reminds of raw sugar and milk chocolate, these flavors come into play and allow for the bright acidity of the apple and grape to balance out, reminding of caramelized apple or grape preserves. We love this coffee on espresso because it has the complexities we love without being overwhelming, it is also a very surprising flavor profile for Brazil and it is a gateway to show the kind of quality the country can offer.

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