Sumatra Gayo Natural

The smallholder farmers and producers really outdid themselves with this Sumatra Gayo coffee! The anaerobic natural process brings out very crisp and sweet tasting notes, while also maintaining a full body, earthy, and balanced finish. The hot cup brings a nice, deep, and rich flavor that you would typically find in Indonesian coffees. Savor the moment because as the coffee cools down the flavors of green apple hard candy will begin to emerge.

See below for more information, along with brewing recommendations.

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This coffee was grown in the Jagong Jeget sub-district of Central Aceh, in the Aceh province of Sumatra. The area is home to nearly 9,500 people, of which approximately 70% come from Java while the remaining 30% is comprised of people of various ethnic groups, including Gayo, Aceh, and Malay. Almost 90% of people living in Jagong Jeget earn income through agricultural work, particularly Arabica production, which flourishes here due to the region’s rich black humus soil and elevation of 1400–1600 meters above sea level.

This coffee underwent Anaerobic Natural processing. Freshly harvested cherries are washed to remove any debris left over from the harvest before being sealed into airtight containers. The cherries are fermented in this anaerobic environment for 72 hours before being rinsed with water and moved to the drying area. The fermented cherries are dried to a humidity of 12–13% before being milled, sorted, and packaged for export.

Farm details:

Producer:    Smallholder Producers

Region:        Aceh

Country:       Sumatra

Process:        Anaerobic Natural

Varietal:      Catimor, Timtim, Bourbon, Ateng Super, P-88

Flavor profile:

Taste: Dried Apple, Hard candy, Green Grape

Acidity: Low, Wild

Sweetness: High

Body: Medium Plus, Round

Recommended Brewing Methods:

Fellow Stagg [X]

22g in, 350g out

2:10 – 2:30 minutes

205 f temperature

Medium/coarse grind


0-30 seconds

50 gram pour, pick up brewer and swirl 3 times

Second pour

30-50 seconds

Pour from 50 grams to 200 grams, starting at 30 seconds and ending your pour at 50 seconds (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let fully drain

Third pour

1:15 – 1:30

Pour from 200 grams to 350 grams, starting at 1:15-1:30 and ending your pour at 1:35-1:50 (7.5 gram per second, pour rate)

Let drain completely

Final time

Drain should end around 2:10-2:30 minutes or brew to taste

Recommended Espresso Recipe:

Classic 9 bar recipe

20g in, 60g out (22 gram basket)

24-26 seconds

200 f temperature

Espresso grind

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Whole Bean / Ground

Whole Bean, Fine Grind – Espresso, Medium Grind – Pour Over / Auto Drip, Coarse Grind – French Press / Cold Brew

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